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jueves, 20 de mayo de 2010

What if...?

To a beloved friend: [You know he's got a girlfriend. But you still don't care. You talk to him. You stare at him. You quietly fall for him. You let your feelings blow. You secretly keep the hope that he's gonna realize your presence some day. You wish he realizes how much you've loved him.
However, he never does. He's still with her and you keep meaning nothing to him.
And years go by, and, one day, you come across your diary. You open it at any page and read it:
"Dear Diary, I know he's gonna realize I'm right there.
I think he is falling for me.
Maybe we end up together!"
You smile around a mouth full of ashes. He never did.
Now you've got your family and you live happily, but deep inside, you can't stop wandring:
What if...?]

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