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lunes, 26 de marzo de 2012

Blame me, blame her, but never do blame yourself.

Blame destiny for your lack of decisiveness. Blame some mean, or meaningful 'it was meant to be'. Blame the 'if it's meant to be, it'll be' that made you sit and wait for fate to struck you. Blame your past self for giving meaning to some meaningless and mean man that should have meant nothing to you. Blame your manners, his manners, your ideas and whoever you want. Blame fate, and your lack of fate. Blame everyone for being more alive than you are. Blame the others, who told you to do this or that, or not to do that or this. And you followed whatever you heard, without stopping to live your own life. Because, hey, it's easier to let go. It's easier to be lived by others, surely. Blame timing. It was the wrong timing, not you not doing a single thing to achieve it.

But, hey dear friend, never do blame yourself, becasuse it's not your fault. It never was, it'll never be. You are not the owner of your fate. You cannot change anything. Things will go the way they are meant to, no matter what you want or what you do. Never believe you can change anything. That way when you fail (and you will, I promise you will) it will be anybody's fault but yours. Tell me, is not owning your life worth it, dear friend?

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