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sábado, 25 de agosto de 2012

Why can't we all turn into babies again?

When do things start to go wrong? What goes wrong when we grow up? What makes those adorable laughing babies turn into fouls, into despicable idiots? Sometimes I ask myself lots of questions like those. I was watching videos and wondering when does everything start to go wrong. How can such a naive creature, such a cute smiling face grow up and lose all it's innocence and become a murderer or a rapist?

Babies are nice, smile, eaat and worry about nothing but being happy and having their needs covered. Then, however, adults are selfish, they only worry about themselves. And I find myself wondering what it is that happens when we grow up? Is it life that makes us become so self-minded? Is it society? Is it love, or lack of love, or friends, or lack of them?

I love babies. I love the way they look up from their creaking prams with their big eyes and open mouths. I love that for them, life is not only a new place full of new things to discover, to enjoy and new feelings to experience, but also a beautiful place. They cry when they're hungry, or they have pee or poo in their pants. They have no evil in them. They just want to love and be loved. How simple would it be if every adult in the world lived by these principles.

What happens, then? What makes us histerical or mean? What turns us so selfish, so cruel in some ocassions?  I wish people grew up to become caring adults. I wish it wouldn't be a surprise to find someone that is great. I wish everyboy was great. Who am I to wish such things? No one, I know that. Anyhow, I feel that sometimes we all forget what really matters. And what is it that really matters? I'm no sage, I only know what are the things I care about.

I know how I hate being angry or arguing (and I say arguing, because I love to discuss matters, but I hate to argue). I know I hate demagogues, hypocrites. I hate people that do things with bad intentions, I hate those who only do favors if they're getting something for themselves out of helping whoever they helped. I hate those depressing and depressive emo-like 30 year old and still adolescent-minded 'humans' that never see the bright side of life. I hate injustice, I hate lies, I hate hurtfull truths. And I hate myself for hating so much.

Has life got a meaning? How can I know? How can I answer? I only want to hug my pillow and hope that, tomorrow, adults would seem a little less stupid to me.

Just so you are happy for a while, like me, here you have some cute babies:



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