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domingo, 20 de marzo de 2011


Forever. Always. Eternity. Endless. Eternal. Everlasting.
How many times have we used "forever" to define a period of time? A period of time which we expect to be everlasting. To have no end. We use forever for things we don't want to loose.
Yet forever is no longer than a life. And a life is usually no longer than a hundred years.
Since I was a child I've always thought that I would die when I am a hundred years old. There's no particular reason for this, of course. But it is an idea that, somehow, I accepted long ago.
We use forever to describe our love for the one who we believe will be our soulmate. Forever everytime we say goodbye to people or places knowing there will be no return. But, lastly we've been using forever in many other cases. Forever is the time many electronic devices are meant to last. Saying that you'll love someone forever in your first date. (Man! You don't even know the meaning of forever, not to say of love) "I'll be there forever" Please, only tell that to truly friends. You don't want to deceive strangers.
For me, the word forever's got a majestic meaning. Forever should be used to describe feelings. To explain how long a building is expected to stay still. Forever. When I say it out loud it almost makes me tremble. Forever. It is meant to be the purest word. The most sincere, naive, simple but marvelous way to describe something you don't want to live without. Something you can't live without. Something you would accept to take into your life with no regrets.
But, beware, whenever you decide to make a vow which is meant for forever, bare in mind that forever never goes by. And breaking the promise of an everlasting feeling doesn't cause anything but harm.

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