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martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

Pinar de Antequera

Maybe they are evil. Maybe they do not know what they are doing. Maybe they've got no empathy. Maybe they have no feelings. Maybe they can't be trusted. Maybe they were always like this. Maybe nobody remembers the good that was done to them. Maybe it was my fault not to see who they really were. Maybe I thought I knew them, but I actually didn't. Maybe I should be ashamed. Well, I am. Maybe I should by crying. I am too. Maybe it's because I can't understand. Maybe I am too naive for this world. Maybe I can wish that none of this had happened, and maybe my wish comes true. Maybe, just maybe you are not worth it, and I am just beginning to understand. Maybe it is because people change. Maybe evil rules the world. Maybe you have amnesia or maybe you just aren't human enough to feel what others feel. Maybe, just maybe she is seeing this and crying inside. Crying a river. For what you are doing, for who you are becoming, for who we all though you were and you proved us wrong. Maybe it's you who no longer deserves anything. I know you will never read this. You are not that type of people. However, maybe someone will show it to you. Maybe you take it personally and you change. Because what you are doing is not human behaviour, not to say if it is with a family member.
Maybe, just maybe, in some remote future I can't yet seek, things turn all right and we all return to our fake "happily ever after" lifes.
Esta foto es mía y toda mía. 
Las cosas muchas veces no son lo que parecen, y esta foto lo demuestra. 
Si os gusta, os doy libertad de usarla, aunque dudo que nadie se tome ese interés. 
Eso sí, si os gusta lo que leeis o lo que veis o no os gusta, si me dejais un comentario seré más feliz.

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  1. Fantástico,tienes un blog fenomenal ENHORABUENA

  2. Ala, mi granito de arena para que seas más feliz ;) xDD


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